About Novel Experiences

Michael De Groote is a writer.

Some of the spiffy things he writes are newspaper articles, history books, newsletters, speeches, radio shows, television commercials, press releases, websites, brochures, advertisements, marketing materials, posts, editorials, museum displays, policy papers, and a young adult fantasy novel about a girl who never lies, a boy who shuns the truth, and world that wants them both dead.

Oh, in that YA fantasy book there is a dragon. Except it isn’t really a dragon — people just call it a dragon. It is magical however. And it kills things. There are also airships. And goggles.

Oath is Michael’s first novel (assuming he actually completes the thing).

It is not his first book, however. That would be Visions of Freedom, a non-fiction book about the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence (published Spring 2015, Covenant Communications).

Please follow Michael on Twitter @degroote.

Please buy Oath with a pre-order at your favorite local book store before it comes out and also go see the movie when it is made. This, again, assumes Michael will actually finish the novel and somebody will want to publish it.

Please also comment on any blog post. That would be cool.

By the way, Michael wrote this. Writing about yourself in third person is weird.

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