Even more incoherency about the novel

I’m currently sending out query letters to agents in an attempt to find representation. I had one agent say I had a “very very good query,” but rejected the novel because she changed what she was representing. Another agent also passed on it, but said it was a “cool premise.” I’m hoping to find an agent who is excited about the novel and its possibilities.

By the way, writing a query seemed much more difficult than writing the novel and almost as difficult as editing the novel. I’ve been through what seems like hundreds of versions. I wasn’t satisfied with the “very very good query” (J. Scott Savage reviewed it and thought it was too much like an synopsis), so I wrote a new one that I like much better. It struck me as odd that I had so much trouble with it because I have a background in marketing and in writing copy for hundreds of television commercials, short form promotional videos and various advertising and promotional items.

Of course I spent a lot of time on Janet Reid’s blog, queryshark.blogspot.com, reading and taking notes on what she thought made a good query. I’ve been to classes and workshops on the process. If my current query works, (agents request my manuscript, etc.), I may post it here some day. If it doesn’t work, I will write another one.

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