A False Start

On this day, in 2014, I officially began the writing of what was then called Verity’s Oath. That book steamed forward until it bulged out at 127,000 words. I restructured and cut it back eventually to 85,000 words. Now, three years later, I am starting another novel with the working title False.

Why such a long delay?

Well excuses don’ t change performance, but in this case the main reason is I used the editing process to learn more about the craft of writing. I am confident, now, that I can write a lot faster as well as do a better job in editing. I have a much better idea of what a novel should be.

So I don’t anticipate False to be another 127,000 behemoth, but more of a 70,000 word first draft.

All prepare! All aware! Run!

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