A Novel Experience

Welcome to my new blog, Novel Experiences, where I will share my thoughts, experiences, failures and triumphs as I write my first novel.

The book is tentatively called Verity’s Oath

As I make progress, I will share more about the book and its characters.

Because I live in Utah (the land of Sanderson, Mull, Wolverton/Farland, Wells, Wells, Savage, DashnerMangum, Whitesides, etc.), I guess I have to write a fantasy novel. By the time the book sees the light of day, my kiddos will both be young adults, so I may as well write it for them.

In honor of beginning my YA fantasy novel (and this blog), I share with you the book’s first sentence:

Verity ran.

Whew. Only about 69,998 more words to go.

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